Seeing the Big Picture

I'm not a good chess player. Perhaps causally, I was never very interested in it either.

But recently, I saw something new -- chess is macro game. It's a game between sides, not between pieces.

I don't know why it took me 16 years to see this. Okay, it was definitely some combination of taking the game for granted and a lack of further interest. Those aren't bad things -- I think you should spend the most time on the things you care most about. But they have led to at least two very scary results:

  1. When learning something new, it's easy to step back and realize where knowledge and integration gaps exist. I've known about chess my whole life, and never stopped to back up.

  2. This new perspective has reinvigorated my interest in chess and made me a much stronger player.

There are many analogies you can derive here. So I challenge you:

Where else is the Big Picture being missed?

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