Hi! I'm a CS/Chemistry undergrad at Vanderbilt. Previously, I worked on programming languages at Google. In Spring 2020, I am working at Lyft.

My mission, broadly, is to further accessible and free software. I actively contribute to open-source projects – especially Angular.

The best way to reach me is via email. More contact information can be found below.

Angular Work on the Angular compiler and language analysis tools.

Kythe Work on TypeScript source code indexer for the Kythe framework.

sherpa_41 Well-architectured, trivial browser engine.

position Blazing-fast JavaScript library for handling locations on and off maps.

mail A secure, minimalist file-sharing app backed by AWS S3.

rcalc Glorified calculator with a lexer, parser, and interpreter written in Rust.

R-svd SVD-based image compression.

Google Development of source code indexers as a SWE intern on the Angular team.

Principal Financial Group Front-end development and API design as a software engineering intern.

Vanderbilt Tong Lab Machine modeling of human vision and object recognition patterns.

meetHere Full-stack development for an internationally-recognized startup.

UTD Berkner Lab Research intern exploring viable applications of multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

C++ TypeScript JavaScript Rust C Crystal Ruby Python Java R SQL

The languages above are ordered by . Besides the CS stuff, I am well-versed in #analytical and #organic chemistry.

Nonprofessionally, I am an avid skier , burrito eater , 4/4 beat maker , and bad-dance-moves enthusiast .

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