Hey! I'm . I am a CS/Chemistry undergrad at Vanderbilt. This summer I am working at Google.

I study and engineer codes. My current focus is on language design and graphics rendering.

Below you can my experiences (and see what I'm about).

To get started, here's a feel for my style.

position Blazing-fast JavaScript library for handling locations on and off maps.

mail A secure, minimalist file-sharing app backed by AWS S3.

sherpa_41 Well-architectured, trivial browser engine.

rcalc Glorified calculator with a lexer, parser, and interpreter written in Rust.

R-svd SVD-based image compression.

30 Days of Crystal 30 exercises in the Crystal programming language.

rod Another esoteric language.

calc-cli Calculus (and other stuff) in your terminal.

Vanderbilt Tong Lab Machine modeling of human vision and object recognition patterns.

Principal Financial Group Front-end development and API design as a software engineering intern.

meetHere Full-stack development for an internationally-recognized startup.

UTD Berkner Lab Research intern exploring viable applications of multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

C++ Rust JavaScript TypeScript C Crystal Ruby Python Java R SQL

The languages above are ordered by . Besides the CS stuff, I am well-versed in #analytical and #organic chemistry.

Nonprofessionally, I am an avid skier , burrito eater , 4/4 beat maker , and bad-dance-moves enthusiast .

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