Hey! I'm . I make stuff, currently at Vanderbilt, where my studies concentrate on

My current research is focused on designing neural networks to model human vision.

Work speaks louder than words, so below you can the things I've done (and see who I'm about).

To get started, here's a feel for my style.

meetHere Blazing-fast JavaScript library for handling locations on andoff maps.

xela An elegant, performant programming language.

rcalc Glorified calculator with a lexer, parser, and interpreter written in Rust.

R-svd SVD-based image compression.

30 Days of Crystal 30 exercises in the Crystal programming language.

rod Another esoteric language.

calc-cli Calculus (and other stuff) in your terminal.

Vanderbilt Tong Lab Machine modeling of human vision and object recognition patterns.

meetHere Full-stack development for an internationally-recognized startup.

UTD Berkner Lab Research intern exploring viable applications of multi-walled carbon nanotubes.

Crystal Java JavaScript TypeScript Ruby Rust C C++ Python R SQL

Besides having non-toy experience with all the languages above, I am also well-versed in #fundamental, #organic, and #laboratory chemistry.

Nonprofessionally, I am an avid skier , burrito eater , 4/4 beat maker , and bad-dance-moves enthusiast .